New adventures

Halfway through spring, this Cinco de Mayo seems like a good day to launch something first blog on my new website!  I'm excited to be able to stretch myself, take a leap into writing and, views, recipes, questions...who knows?
I'm in southern California, visiting friends in Upland before I head off to do a house concert this weekend and a show at the Coffee Gallery next week, and then wander north.  Anne and I are sitting in her living room, companionably typing away on our laptops....nice to have someone to work with, or beside.  We were talking about how strange this music business is, when you have to have part of your mind six months or a year ahead to be booking gigs, and yet playing music is so immediate, one of the best ways to be in the present moment.  To create present moments in the future, is that what we are doing? 
Glad to be right here, right now. 
Till soon...