These days, any chance we get

 to come together in harmony

 is a gift!  Even virtually....




Thank you, everyone for your good wishes and support for me after my brain surgery last year.  I'm doing well...it was a benign tumor and I'm very grateful it was such a good experience (might sound strange, but it was not bad...I'll be writing more about that soon).  I'm lucky to be living in this age of medicine! 

I'm taking it easy these days, doing a few gigs  and loving to play for people.  And learning patience as I recover!

Thanks to everyone for tuning into my Living Room Live concerts, SIP & Song. I hope to be back before long with more online offerings.  You can find me at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_QCDb6uCF4C0PKNL2TWFA


And please add some of my songs to your Spotify and other playlists and subscribe to my YouTube. That will help me out through this period.  I love that people are listening to my music!





ABOUT ELLEN'S MUSIC:   An island of sanity and affirmation in a sea of turmoil.  I will go there and nourish my soul, again and again.  Exquisite, majestic, heartfelt, inspiring.  Thank you so much for this gift to the world. 


              --Tony J,  Psychologist and Photographer


Stay in touch: ellenstapenhorst@gmail.com