New Album on the Way!  

A gorgeous autumn has arrived in the Rocky Mountains, and my album project is nearly complete.  It's been a labor of love and joy, and a great experience working with Dave Taylor at Cool Brick Studios in Carbondale!  Some fine local musicians, including JD Martin, Bobby Mason and Randall Utterback, joined in on this project, and I'm just about ready to start mixing it.  It will be released in November...a little later than originally planned, but then again there were life happenings, travel to Africa (Dave) and unexpected housing moves (me) along the way.  Twelve new songs for this CD, including Our World, which I will be performing on October 6 with the 110 voice Staley High School Choir in North Kansas City, MO.  Songs about castles, home, the harvest, gravity and finding ways to communicate in our polarized society.

Pre-sales are available, and will help me finish the project.  I'm offering one CD for $20 (shipping included), or 6 for $100.  You can send a check to me at PO Box 64, Snowmass CO 81654.  Be sure to include your mailing address!  Online ordering is coming soon.

New adventures 

Halfway through spring, this Cinco de Mayo seems like a good day to launch something first blog on my new website!  I'm excited to be able to stretch myself, take a leap into writing and, views, recipes, questions...who knows?
I'm in southern California, visiting friends in Upland before I head off to do a house concert this weekend and a show at the Coffee Gallery next week, and then wander north.  Anne and I are sitting in her living room, companionably typing away on our laptops....nice to have someone to work with, or beside.  We were talking about how strange this music business is, when you have to have part of your mind six months or a year ahead to be booking gigs, and yet playing music is so immediate, one of the best ways to be in the present moment.  To create present moments in the future, is that what we are doing? 
Glad to be right here, right now. 
Till soon...